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In this age of media convergence, it is incredibly important to keep in mind the growing duties of editors to make ethical, stylistic, grammar and design decisions across a number of media platforms. It is no longer good enough to understand how to write a headline that works on the front page of a newspaper; you must also learn to write a headline that fits on a computer screen, and increasingly, a cell phone. Editors must know how to lead editorial teams working in a multi-platform environment — not only assigning and placing stories on a page or screen but also deciding the best ways for their reporters to tell those stories. This course is taught entirely in a computer lab, but the first part of most classes will be devoted to lecture and discussion, and the second part will be devoted to working on individual or group projects. There will be occasional guest speakers, too, to provide insights on relevant topics.



Ethical decision-making skills, like word choice and photo choice and placement, and reading for fair and balanced reporting or legal issues

Copy editing (correcting grammar and spelling errors, fixing sentence structure, removing unnecessary words, looking for style issues, etc.) and headline writing

Mastering Associated Press (AP) style

Editing for content, structure and readability

Editing for design, space and visual appeal in print and digital media using InDesign, Dreamweaver and other applications

Establishing leadership skills that would be necessary to edit a section or a publication in the current media marketplace.


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July 14, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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